life in the TLF (temporary living facility)

did i mention it rained a lot??

we had to be creative…

4th of july in princeton, then over to the huxes'.  this is the night we met doug and amber hess and their kids.  laurel and hope hit it off.

we went bowling one night on base

i think we need to do that more often!

we are NOT in colorado anymore.

our good friend tom still is stationed not too far away in atlantic city.  he and his girlfriend joan drove over to have dinner with us one night in bordentown.  

we finally got assigned a (temporary) house in this neighborhood.  right where we wanted to be!

across the park from this little cutie


our 30 days at the TLF were up but our household goods couldn't be delivered yet.  so we stayed with the huxes for a week.  they are so good to us!

freddy and ruru and i got to be best buds while ms michelle took laurel and the hess kids to vacation bible school at princeton meadow church.  

freddy to jude:  "i like yo head.  it's big."

the humble new abode.  

biggest challenge in this house is probably the "pantry."
freddy had a bit of a hard time with his smile this summer.  have you noticed?

i had to be creative with storage.  yes of course the tupperware belongs under the tv.  duh.  


abbi and pops are here!  hallelujah!

so pat and i get to go to nyc?  yes please!  quick lunch in manhattan with the coolest sarah johnston, then over to hoboken for the americanarama festival.  ryan bingham, my morning jacket, wilco.  we left before bob dylan even started.   

best moving helpers in the world right there.

reward - mile high meatloaf at our favorite diner.

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