March 2015

march came in like a lion

game night/chipotle feast/going-away for Team Leh

i haven't laughed this hard in a while.  check out Pat's drawing of "Rambo."  

the tooth fairy must've just come from brazil, bc laurel got some very special brazilian coins that night!

my friend cara was in philly for a conference and we got to have a sushi date

we told him that perhaps "falconie" wasn't the best name for this guy.  
so, here, i give you freddy and his falcon, "Zit."

daddy/daughter or princess and her hero dance


what a foursome!

mr tom came to visit and got a full dose of spidey-ness

happy 10th birthday jude hess!!!

he needed to fix his car.  hilarious.

happy st. patrick's day!!

happy boys in the woods

gettin kinda old...

"mommy, this pink one inspires me..."

swim lessons with team leh

lala's 1st grade program


bowling night.  
WHY oh WHY did we not do this every friday night during this long winter?  
(oh, i don't know, maybe bc the league bowlers HATED us after one night??) 


gonna be very very different without all these folks next year :-(