week 3

pops came back to get abbi. she was such an incredible help! thank you abbi, and thanks pops for sharing her!

love this


week 2

bottling day!

pat had a good little helper, as usual

daddy's boy.

laurel helping daddy change a diaper. when did she get SO BIG????

this little princess is SO FULL of fun and personality.
abbi couldn't stop taking pictures. ha!
laurel's first trip to the dentist. she did SUCH a fabulous job!

little brother

week one

lots of this

the many faces of freddy

pat took laurel on a daddy date - how cute?

images of things to come...

mama mani and pedi
does she look 12 in this picture, or what? so sweet.

coming home

i am so incredibly blessed!!!

i love these...

marjorie, her sister yolinde, andre, and fourie came by to meet freddy. love these friends!

big boy fourie (4 1/2 months) and tiny freddy (3 days)

paula brought us a delicious dinner. thank you friends!!

big sister

priceless moments

diaper change. the picture on the right captures mom's and pat's reaction when laurel sneezed right in her little brother's face!

how precious?!?!

welcome to the world, little man!

my water broke at 7pm on january 3rd. go time!
fredrick merrill rayner (freddy) was born at 3:15 am on january 4th. 6 lbs 15 oz, 20 inches long.

still cannot believe we have a baby BOY!!

what a little miracle. thank you, Jesus!


happy new year!

there i am on the treadmill, trying to get this show on the road!

new year's eve. 39 weeks! who is that in there??

daddy's girl. go dawgs? yeah, go dawgs...
abbi and pops gave lala a new baby doll for xmas. she named her "emma" after meme.
sweet, sweet girl with her abbi and her emma

these two are quite a pair!