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Oct 9th

pat's birthday and ANOTHER home football game. we're loving it!

so proud of my P

major rayner has been working so hard, and i'm not the only one who has noticed! he just received a big honor - officer of the quarter for not only the history department, but also the humanities and the ENTIRE faculty!

they needed a photo for the award. isn't he handsome?!?

condy got to meet pat a few weeks ago. :) look how interested she is in what he's saying!

we celebrated pat's 33rd birthday the night before his actual birthday by having a fancy dinner in the 5 star penrose room at the broadmoor. it was fabulous!!! thanks to mom and dad for chipping in, and thanks to will and lindsay for babysitting!

i love my husband!!!

"punkwin" patch

just a few more

pictures from the USAFA/NAVY game

i love this one!

sweet big sister kisses!



we've got a serious falcons fan on our hands...

perfect day for tailgating and football at falcon stadium. and buddy and kissy were here!

so glad will could go with us - we missed you lindsay!

some air force players before the game, in the special jerseys for the day. instead of the players' names on the back, they said "freedom" and "service." awesome.

prisoner exchange - several students from each academy study at the other school each semester. on this day they get "released" to cheer for their home team.

AT LAST! navy beat air force the past 7 years. it felt so good to win!

rough week

laurel was sick most of last week. she even lost her voice - it was awfully quiet around here...

little pitiful...
can you believe how long she's gotten?

the other patient in the house wasn't as pitiful. apache got a growth removed from his paw. no big deal, but pretty funny looking, don't you think?

we love visitors! our good friend ruth is moving from utah back home to florida. she and her friend, rachel, stopped for a night on their trip across the country. so good to see them both!

new friends!

we are so excited to have some new friends in town. will adams went to furman with me many, many moons ago. he and his wife lindsay (mississippi girl!) just moved out here and live very close to us. welcome to the springs, will and lindsay - we are so glad you're here!

lindsay went with laurel and me to the zoo one day a couple of weeks ago. the giraffes are sooo cool.

road trip - will, lindsay, pat, laurel, and i drove to boulder, co on a friday night. we had a fabulous dinner and spent the night. boulder may be my new favorite place...

the next morning we drove to laramie, wyoming, to cheer on the air force falcons football team! (thanks to our friends, marley and chris and sam for the outfit!)

of course we had to stop and eat breakfast at the boulder farmers market first. just incredible.

decked out
it wasn't very pretty, but the falcons pulled through and won the game. we had a ball!

the broadmoor

laurel and i were so lucky a few weeks ago. buddy had a business convention at a resort here in colorado springs. kissy came with him and we visited every day!

the broadmoor. absolutely gorgeous!

the pool is the prettiest i've ever seen.

lala loved it!

and so did our friend, andre.
thanks for sharing, kissy!

part of your woooorld