i was surprised by how much freddy loved it this time

we love our friends.  little mick is growing so quickly!

the boys were a little distracted

who doesn't love a construction site?


life is gooooood



zoo day

last friday pat had the day off and we went to the zoo with our friends, the marshes

somebody was just a *little* excited

feeding the giraffes

the kiddos:  jimmy, benjamin, freddy, and laurel 


before we left, laurel and pat rode the chairlift.

freddy and i kept our feet on the ground

home sweet smoky home of the brave

the flight home was another wrestling match with freddy.  of course he fell asleep right when we got in the car in denver.  ha!  i told pat next time MOMMY gets the benadryl.  :-)

we were all very happy to get back to our house, our toys, and our princess dresses

the fire was pretty well-contained by the time we got home, but we could definitely still see and smell the smoke 

the mountains smoldered for a while

still the most beautiful place i've ever lived

we celebrated the 4th of july by ourselves in the backyard, rayner style.  it was perfect!
the only thing missing was the smell of pat's charcoal grill.  the city was under a stage 2 burn ban.  
we still had some delicious ribs - done in the oven.  good job daddy!

happy boy

framer, for sure

the water from the hose was freezing.  only in colorado do you have to add hot tub water to the baby pool!

photo shoot
big girl will be 4 1/2 on august 4th


half birthday.  maybe next year we will be able to have some fireworks to celebrate!

i have no words



hub city

after we left the beach we made a pit stop for lunch in hattiesburg.  so good to see these dear friends!

thank you, currys, for lunch.  and thank you blair for coming to see us! 

laurel, freddy, harris curry holding her little sister mary neal, hayes riley, burn curry, and keaton riley

back on the road - to smith lake

almost there!

waldo canyon fire

meanwhile, back home in colorado springs, the waldo canyon fire started on saturday and was growing all week

on tuesday 65mph winds brought the fire into the city, destroying 346 homes

we watched the news and weather channel in horror and kept up via Facebook, emails, calls, and texts

these are some of the pictures i saved from Facebook posts

this is from the top of the mall, 2.5 miles from our house.  the sun is setting behind the fire on the mountains

if you have 16 minutes and want to watch an amazing time-lapse of the fire,
click here

i love this.  i love our city.  the fire fighters did an AMAZING job.  thank you Lord for stopping the fire!


beach week 2012

we stopped in hattiesburg on the way to the beach to see mamaw and b

i think mamaw loved seeing the kiddos

i KNOW b did!  :-)

we love you mamaw!

to the beach...
shrimp sandwiches at sea-n-suds.  YUMMMMM

tropical storm debby threatened us, but we ignored her and she went away!

i mean, how sweet?!?!


nice 'stache, uncle chris!

the best i got

the worst i got

my boys



on wednesday buddy rented a double decker pontoon boat (with a slide!).  i need to get some more photos from ginger.  *ahem* 
it was one of the best days i can remember having in a long time

lunch at pirate's cove

frat boy

back at the beach...
we've watched warner push this truck for the past, what, 4 years?  i can't believe i have a little boy!!!  i could watch him do this for hours.  in fact, i did...

laurel likes the beach!!!  it took her a couple of days, but for the first time, she actually liked the beach!  hooray!

that's one blessed mommy :-)

and that is one CUTE little guy.




being fabulous is hard work!

date night.  thank you buddy and kissy!

i challenge you to try to watch this video without smiling...

thank you kissy and buddy.  can't wait til next year!!!