dancing queen

little girl is peforming for buddy and kissy on webcam...


more mardi gras

our friends adam and laura invited us over on tuesday afternoon to participate in their neighborhood's mardi gras parade for the kids. we had so much fun and loved meeting new friends.

the beginning of the parade

laurel and burn. we tried to decorate our stroller!


adam and laura and payne pennebaker

uh oh, who spiked the sippy cup?

happy mardi gras! quite a krewe!

is this cute, or what?

pat missed the parade - i wish he could've seen all these kids in action

daddys, getting into it

burn IV and V

action shot...

and one extra video, just for fun.


funny little person

laurel's favorite after-meal activity...

mardi gras

we're in mardi gras country down here in south mississippi. last friday night our friends wes and marion invited us to zeus - THE local mardi gras extravaganza - and we had a great time. thanks currys!

every now and then we can clean up fairly well!

uh oh. is this bad?


the many faces of laurel katherine

such a big girl. it is killing mommy!

still our favorite show

but why did fabio have to get kicked off? he's the BEST!

see all my teeth? and my food?

sometimes she's quiet and still

but most of the time...



here are a few pics we took last week. my mom got to spend most of the week with us and we loved having her here. thanks to her, we have clean and organized closets. nothing like it - thanks mom!

i can't get up grumpy in the morning when this is what greets me.

one of laurel's favorite hangouts

especially with a crazy grandmom out there! (i love this picture)

watching a new baby einstein video. thanks barbs!

such a happy happy girl

biker babe

laurel got a seat for the back of pat's bike for her birthday. she wasn't too sure about it at first...

"what is taking you so long pops?"

"let's get this show on the road, people!"


you can't tell from the photos, but she loves it. although it's hard to say whether she loves it more than her daddy!


birthday girl!

it looks like she's saying, "yeah, i'm kind of a big deal..."

freddy and pat hung laurel's swing she got for christmas. she LOVES it. thanks, buddy!

warner's turn

yep, i think he loves it too!

party time! laurel had a cupcake party. everything was pink and brown and white.

the big girls made party hats.

here are a couple of the finished products.

so many people love this little girl and came a long way to wish her happy birthday. both of our families made the trip, although we missed chris, merrill, and merrill III. thank you friends and family! we love each of you so much.

ginger, freddy, brad and sara riles (and baby boy riles!)

sarah, marion, and laura with their little men - burn, ben, and payne

jaybird with brad and sara. we missed you, too, emily!

laurel's boyfriends, burn and payne

cake time. laurel is wondering why daddy gets to eat one without her.

precious birthday girl

happy birthday!

at first laurel just patted the icing. i think gracie wanted some BAD.

there you go

ahhh, sugar - i love these pictures

i think she likes it

kissy helping out

gracie and warner delivering gifts

laurel had LOTS of helpers to unwrap presents with her

fabulous great grandmothers, meme and mamaw

cousin rebecca

our families got to hang out that night after the party. we all had meme's famous gumbo. thanks, meme! as you can see, the kids were still going strong.

AND it was patty's birthday. happy birthday, kissy!

i wish i had a good picture of who was actually IN the bathtub. warner and laurel had quite an audience. so precious.

girls, girls, girls!

and one tired little one year old... what a special day.