little miss personality

what's wrong with this picture?

that's better.  laurel has learned to put her pacifier in her mouth, but 9 times out of 10 she puts it in upside down, as you can see in the first picture.  i guess she just likes it better that way!

buddy came to stay with us last sunday night.  what a treat!

i think i like this guy...


we have had beautiful weather down here in south mississippi.  one morning last week apache supervised some of laurel's play time.

sweet protector.

stare down.

i think laurel won.  i have a video of her talking to him, but i can't get it to upload.  it was so cute!

our friend stewart came to visit on wednesday night.  another stare down...

the marvels of modern technology - laurel is playing "patty cake" with abbi on the webcam.  this is right before she tried to get abbi and ended up bonking her head on the coffee table.  we've got our first (of dozens, i'm sure) purple forehead bruise.  :(


tupelo pics

here are some of the pics i took last week when laurel and i were in tupelo.

laurel loved hanging out with her cousins - maury, lucy, and rebecca.

thanks, sweet girls, for sharing all of your toys!

we got to go to lucy's and maury's soccer games.  lucy helped abbi give laurel a bottle.

rebecca and lucy helen.  i wish i had gotten a good picture of maury, playing goalie! 

laurel with my brother richard, aka "uncle dick."  i wonder what uncle dick is singing?

i like this guy!  he must know a thing or two about girls!

had to stick this video somewhere.  

big girl!

on tuesday afternoon i walked into laurel's room and found her standing up in her crib.  what a surprise!  we caught it on video the next day.  

she still looks so tiny!

in case anybody was wondering, we definitely have a BROWN eyed girl

this didn't last long.

this is what daddy looks like these days...

every morning when we open the blinds in laurel's room, we love seeing the beautiful pink rose God has given us.  can you see it?

the picture doesn't even do it justice.


8 month photos...

i went a little overboard, as usual, on the 8 month pictures.  at least i know that there are never too many pictures for the two grandmothers...  enjoy!

this little booger is into EVERYTHING.  i better get ready!

she very rarely closes her mouth.  it was even open in her ultrasound pictures.  i don't have any idea where she gets that...

thought this was kinda funny  --  it's pat's birthday today...  

happy birthday p.  we love you!

and NOW we know where laurel's crinkle nose face comes from...


our little social bug

this weekend, laurel went to her first college football game.  she was a DREAM child.  i never imagined that she would be as easy as she was or that she would enjoy the day as much as she did.  of course it would've been a better day if the rebels had won, but we had a wonderful time anyway...  

don't let these first two pictures fool you.  laurel took a 20 minute nap during half time and was awake for the entire game (and the rest of the day).  she loved all of the activity.

of course it helped that we had a willing grandmother right next to us... (thank you glenda!)

we went to the game with jay and loved watching the game with him.  thanks jaybird!

after the game.  one of my favorite shots of all time --  laurel, her daddy, and elvis on the jumbotron!

hey there mrs. patty.  nice to meet you!

sorry i stole your sticker...

our good friend, alex, was in oxford for the weekend.  such a treat to get to see him and introduce him to laurel.

can you tell how shy she is???  

beautiful sadie was all decked out in her rebel attire.  she even had a rebel pacifier! 

happy girl.

our friend, stewart, was amazed at how laurel just took everything in.

hey brooke!

aunt em gave laurel her last bottle of the day

8:30 pm.  finally getting a little sleepy, don't you think?