the nursery is DONE!

my friend emilie made the crib bedding for me.  i think it turned out SO well!  thank you patty and freddy!

yes, we picked out a fabric with guitars all over it.  what do you think?

we found these polka dot decals at a place in dallas.  i love the colors!

space saving "changing table"

ok, baby, ready when you are!!


busy weekend

last friday and saturday, our good friends wes and marion curry were in town and we got to hang out with them.  what a treat!

marion is due 6 weeks after i am.  how exciting!!

saturday, my best friends from college -- stephanie, maureen, and caroline -- came to charleston and hosted a baby shower for me.  it was so good to see them and awfully sweet of them to do this for us!

caroline's mom, joanne, and stephanie's mom, sue, came to help out.  these moms go WAY back...

i'm so glad my mom was able to be here.

what a spread!

look how cute the napkins were!

i have incredible friends who came out on a yucky cold and rainy day...

the fireplace was wonderful!

baby rayner got some great gifts, of course.

the hostesses gave us a huge basket full of their favorite books.  i can't wait to read them to this little peanut!

pregnant bellies everywhere!

tired, but happy gib.


this week

last saturday, we had a full day of doing stuff around the house.  pat and apache actually went UNDER the house to move the cable wire...

here they are all successful and proud of themselves.  
(note the dirty elbows and the head lamp...)

sweet boy, has no idea what is about to happen to his world...

mom is back!  something was funny -- no telling...

36 week belly shot.  only one month til the due date. 

is it a girl or a boy in there...  any predictions?  


pat's turn

well, pat felt a little under-represented in the last post, and rightfully so.  i don't know why he was so camera shy the week my parents were here...

so today i've included some pictures from his most recent "work trip."  he and his crew were at hill air force base in utah, and the lucky dogs got to go skiing on saturday.  one of pat's best friends, tom still, is stationed at hill, so it was great for them to get to hang out.

snow bunny

tommy, striking a pose

tired, tired lil p

the whole crew


here we go....

ok, so it's a new year and it's gonna be a big one for our little family.  my mother-in-law and sister-in-law have been "encouraging" me to start a blog for the last, oh, 8 months, so here it is.  hopefully it's as easy as they say it is...  

the Lord has blessed us beyond belief and we are expecting our first child in just a few short weeks --  the official due date is valentine's day.  no, we don't know if it is a girl or a boy, and yes we have names but we aren't telling!  

we rang in the new year with my mom and dad (abbi and pops).  they were here for 4 or 5 days after Christmas and man, did we put them to work!  we have to put our house on the market this spring, so we went ahead and did some "pre-staging."  we painted two rooms, filled up a storage unit, and filled up my dad's yukon to haul stuff back to tupelo.  needless to say, we are all exhausted!  

below are some pics from our work days:

my sweet daddy

getting it done with a SMILE!!

my mom in the new GREEN bathroom downstairs

ALWAYS serving...

tired, pregnant lil gib

the boys did some heavy lifting

thanks, nate!

phew!  time to relax...

alright, now i'm tired.  i'll post some more pics later.  i think i can get the hang of this...