pat's turn

well, pat felt a little under-represented in the last post, and rightfully so.  i don't know why he was so camera shy the week my parents were here...

so today i've included some pictures from his most recent "work trip."  he and his crew were at hill air force base in utah, and the lucky dogs got to go skiing on saturday.  one of pat's best friends, tom still, is stationed at hill, so it was great for them to get to hang out.

snow bunny

tommy, striking a pose

tired, tired lil p

the whole crew


Kissy said...

Some mighty good lookin young men! Go Air Force!!!!!!!!!!!

The Balls said...

i mean, really, apache was in more pictures than pat.

sarah dunsmore said...

hey gibson,

It is Sarah Dunsmore (Josh Ritzmann's sister). Krista told me that you and Pat are expecting and so I had to check out your blog. Nice work so far. Krista said you might go natural for the childbirth...I just wanted to encourage you and tell you I went natural with the birth of my son 9 months ago and it was a great experience. Good luck and tell Pat I said hi. Check out my little monkey at http://the

Sarah Dunsmore