laurel and i drove over to clarksdale on may 17th to celebrate her cousin warner's 2nd birthday

b and mamaw also made the trip up to clarksdale.  it was so good to see them

hey b!

warner and laurel's first meeting

warner loved giving laurel kisses

what a sweet boy!

it is going to be so much fun watching these two grow up together...

happy birthday warner!  he had such a cute party.  i am thrilled that we got to be there.

how cute is that?

looks like this guy is on a mission


like i said...

laurel is SO social and curious.  if there are people around, she is alert and studying everyone.  the minute we got in the car to drive back to tupelo, it was lights out.  what a fun day!  

our time in tupelo

we spent some busy days in tupelo a few weeks ago

after gloria gave mommy a much-needed massage, it was my turn on the table.  i LOVE to be massaged!

then we went to maury and lucy's dance recital dress rehearsal.  maybe one day i'll get to wear a pretty costume like this!  

picking out the perfect lipstick color...

lucy helen - "be my little baby bumblebee..."

maury was a beautiful graceful rainbow (second from the left)

we spent some good time on pops and abbi's back deck

i met mommy's friend posey...

and i talked to daddy a few times on the phone...

went to church with mommy...

what a great visit!

iiiiiii love you!


double celebration

sunday was a big day - mothers' day AND my dad's birthday.  it was a beautiful day at smith lake.  my brother merrill and his family surprised us with a visit on their way back from a soccer tournament.  

abbi and her mother's day gift, dressed up like a little boy...

merrill and caroline getting to know laurel

look how big laurel has gotten!  she loves cousin caroline

merrill III is 12 years old now.  i remember holding him when he was laurel's age.  seems like just a few months ago!

supper time

the birthday boy with elizabeth


last week in pictures

last monday 

happy cinco de mayo!  we celebrated at santi's, our favorite mexican restaurant, with the swearingens and the balls.  man, we love that place and those people!  here are clint and pat playing with kennedy and laurel.

where's laurel?

there she is!  (the mosquitos were pretty bad...)

 our friend catherine bruce brought over her little boy, jack.  laurel has lots of boyfriends already!

our next door neighbor, william gregory, turned 18 on tuesday.  happy birthday william!!  he and his mom and brother and sister came over for cupcakes.

silly raven

i'm so sad laurel is not going to know this neighborhood and these neighbors!

pat brought laurel and apache and me to the lakehouse on friday.  our first road trip!  it only took 10 hours... pat left on saturday for a quick trip to hattiesburg and then back home to charleston.  

laurel's first boat ride.  she LOVED it!

oh yeah, i got a pretty drastic hair cut.  what do you think?

me and the kids.  we miss daddy!

pops can't get enough

i am such a happy girl these days.

abbi's sister, kirk, is here for a visit.  she can't quite get enough of this little girl either.  what a fun week!