squadron going away lunch

laurel and i joined the 16th airlift squadron today for a going away party for pat and two other pilots.  

we are so proud of him

he has a really cool job!

as it turns out, other people are pretty proud of pat, too.  his commander had some very kind and encouraging words to say to him and about him.

no, they aren't break dancing.  i only caught the tail end of the salute.

the plaque pat received was shaped like the tail of a jet.  laurel was pretty into it.

"you think i could chew on that?"

"cousin" carter

pat and laurel and i got to eat dinner the other night with linda and jena and carter.  linda is my brother merrill's mother-in-law.  jena and carter are - ready for this? - my brother's wife's brother's wife and son!  got that?

sweet carter sharing his toy with laurel.  

carter will be one year old in just three weeks.  wow!

love those beautiful eyes

how did that big boy come from that tiny mama?!

showing some teeth...

i think somebody else is working on some teeth.  can you tell?


pat's trip to africa

to read about the trip to uganda and to see the pictures pat took, click HERE.  enjoy!

happy fourth of JOO-lie

yeah, she looked a little like a boy, but those are sequins!  

aunt roo

man, i wish i could do this on the beach

da boys - nate bo, pat, grady, john and brad eckley

strange poses...

she didn't sleep the WHOLE time

the whites came over for homemade pizzas.  yum!


daddy's home!

this will be the last post with this title for a while, thank goodness!  pat won't be away from us for a long time.  yay!!  he and the rest of the team had a fabulous trip to uganda.  i will try to post some of the pictures he took this weekend.  

who is that bearded man?


not so sure...

the hills are alive...

our friends sims and leslie hill FINALLY came to visit last weekend :)  we had a blast and cannot wait to hang out with them again, hopefully soon!

love this picture.  now bear with me for a few recent pictures of the little one:

she is SO HAPPY these days.  what a joy!