August 2014

this was the only saturday in a busy summer we could get to the jersey shore.
first, we had some yummy seafood

it was TOO COLD and windy for mommy

that didn't bother these two one bit

after we left the shore we hung out at barnes and noble while we waited on the movie Planes: Fire and Rescue to start.  what a GREAT day!

 we love when we get to have dinner with tom and joan!

i was shocked by the results of my alcat test.  
no more honey lime dressing on roasted zucchini for a while!  


tough as nails!

this is what daddy looks like at Eagle Flag.  we miss him SO MUCH when he's gone!

 we went camping in amish country near lancaster pennsylvania

it was beautiful!

Pequea Creek campground

we went tubing down the creek that runs right beside our campsite.  the water was FREEZING but it may have been the most excited i've seen those two little faces :-)  i wish i could've captured it 

the rain on sunday morning was a bummer

but it was still a fabulous weekend!

back in grove park...

another airport picture?
time to head south again

laurel and i spent a night in nashville with the hills

while freddy hung out with abbi and pops

on to chattanooga for laurel and me. 
we stayed with the balls

and had a wonderful time at zach and cat's wedding.
laurel picked right back up with hope and joel.  we miss them so much!
i wish i had a picture of paula and me!  :-(

back to tupelo and down to destin with pops and abbi

look who else was in destin!  i got to go to dinner with amber and two of her friends.  
so much fun!

these two were in goooooood hands

 time for labor day weekend with the johnston clan

see what i have to deal with?  ;-)

 i'll try to take more pictures next year!

the generations

the original four.
thankful for these people!

Beach pics 2014

buddy and kissy got a photographer to come and do a session at the beach.  these are our favorites: