easter week 2012

a couple of bath/bed time shots

laurel and i are experimenting with braids...

kitchen dance parties are our favorite!!!

Easter morning

on the way to church we discovered that my nice camera is broken. :-(

this is the best we could do.

thank you, abbi, for the Easter outfits.

we had an Easter feast with the Marshes. the kids played so well together.

thankful for these friends.

thankful for our families, our church, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise God it's true, HE IS RISEN!!!!


spring break ski trip

on thursday we picked up buddy at the denver airport and headed to the mountains for the weekend.

a beautiful weekend at keystone. i missed out on the first day of skiing due to some strange stomach bug thursday night. :-( so thankful that kissy was there to take care of freddy, dinner, everything else!

daddy and buddy took this skier to her last lesson of the season over at A-basin.

think she likes it?

think they like it? yes, that's a BACON bloody mary for buddy!

i recovered enough to ski on saturday morning with pat. :-)

then we all rode up the gondola for lunch

thanks for the incredible lunch buddy!

blue bird day on the slopes. i love spring skiing!!!!

we found a place where buddy and kissy could watch laurel do her thing.

this may be my favorite picture. that's breckenridge behind us.

she made it aaaaaalllll the way down the mountain. we are so proud of her! (she's pretty proud of herself, too, as you can probably tell...)

apres ski ;-)

we topped off a fabulous weekend with princesses on ice at the denver coliseum before buddy and kissy headed back to texas.

i love the pictures of buddy and laurel. bottom right - they're watching the zamboni!

thank you buddy and kissy for helping make our spring break wonderful. we love you!

up up up!

these two little sailors are growing like weeds!

cherub cheeks

B sent us birds nest treats. aren't they cute?!?!

kissy flew in last tuesday. we went to get freddy's first hair cut. here are some before pictures of the little mullet.

during. he was such a good boy!

and after. gulp.

pat and i took advantage of having kissy there to babysit. we took off that night and went down to eat dinner AND spend the night at the broadmoor.

it was heavenly. can we do that once a month. pretty please??

meanwhile, kissy kept these two busy. ha ha!

the next morning pat and i challenged ourselves physically (and mentally) by climbing the manitou incline.

can you see it? it's a one mile climb straight up the side of a mountain on old railroad ties. a 2000 foot vertical rise. stair master on crack.

about halfway up - the view down and the view up

we did it! pat was sweet to stay with me the whole time. the 4 mile hike/jog back down a different trail was nothing compared to that climb. whew! i think my legs are still sore...