rice cereal

we tried rice cereal for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

without very good results

she hated it

but now we're getting the hang of it!

i wish these pictures had turned out better

more to come, i'm sure!

ole big head

we went to see our new pediatrician last week for laurel's belated 6 month appointment.  she weighed in at 13 pounds 14 ounces and measured 25 3/4 inches.  she has remained at the 10th percentile for weight, 50th percentile for length, and - this is new - a whopping 90th percentile for head circumference.  that's right, her head is bigger than 90% of the babies her age.  wow.

i've almost gotten the hang of the "johnny jump up."  i think i like it!

quick trip to tupelo

laurel and i went up to tupelo last week to spend one night.  we got to see some of laurel's cousins.  
caroline was a great babysitter.  here she is playing peek-a-boo

look how big rebecca has gotten!

maury and abbi with rebecca and laurel

good mornin daddy!

laurel is so funny in the mornings.  when she finishes her breakfast, she rolls over, sighs, and says, "hey da da da da da da da..."  why is that the first consonant she found??

gimme that camera!


6 months old!

our little girl is 6 months old.  i know it's cliche, but she is growing up so fast!

this is what i call her "gimme that" mouth.

6 months!  she's still a little bitty thing, but seems so big to us.

she was so happy that morning.  i had to post all of these...

here she is sitting up in my lap, watching baby einstein, her favorite.

we are only about 3 hours away from this happy grandmother now...

and we have our dog back.  talk about happy!

our new home in hattiesburg, via meme's house in laurel

after the beach, we spent a week at meme's (pat's grandmother) house in laurel, mississippi, while we looked for a place to live 30 minutes away in hattiesburg.  for those of you who don't know, we will be here for the next 18 months while pat gets his masters in history at the university of southern mississippi, so that he can then go teach at the air force academy in colorado.  while we are missing charleston, we are so excited to be close to friends and family in our home state.

kissy, giving laurel a bath in meme's kitchen sink

have you ever seen anything cuter?

home sweet home for now.  the Lord provided a GREAT rental house for us.  (pray for our house to sell in charleston...)

pat, waiting on the moving truck

pat's other grandmother, mammaw, and his aunt "B" came and helped out on moving day.  thank you!

we had dinner with some old friends that night.  here is laura payne pennebaker (LP) and their little boy, payne.  

not a great photo, but the only one i got of laurel and our good friend, marion curry

proud papas - pat with laurel, wes with burn, and adam with payne



we went to church with meme at westminster pres in laurel.  look how little bit is holding on to her daddy's pocket.  LOVE IT!!!

she loves to hear herself talk nowadays.  wonder where that comes from...?

rayner beach trip

after an emotional goodbye to the only home we've ever known and a 10 hour drive in 2 different cars, pat and laurel and i spent 4 nights at the beach in perdido with the rayner side of the family.  what a GREAT vacation - thank you patty and freddy!  we're already looking forward to next year...  

freddy (buddy or bub-BAH), patty (kissy), pat, me, laurel, ginger (pat's sister), chris (her husband), and warner (their 2 year old)

pat introducing laurel to the gulf of mexico

lovin buddy on the beach

and on the balcony of the condo

some people think they look alike.  maybe it's the hair...?

aunt ginger.  isn't she beautiful?

not so sure about the water at first.  a little worried.

okay, maybe i trust daddy...

and now, i give you, warner lively.  what a funny little boy!  i LOVE this picture.  

this little man is ALL BOY.  nonstop action

can you tell how much sand is on his face and in his mouth?

oh man, i could just eat him up

warner is obsessed with his cousin, "baby jaurel."

i think baby jaurel likes him too

kickin back, watchin a little tv

the family did the "dress in white take thousands of pictures" one morning.  i think some of them turned out well.  

and some didn't.  good try, though, kiddos.

one TIRED little girl