so far in may

may has been beautiful so far.   
freddy has a new "mean face."  i found him outside with daddy one afternoon in a diaper and his winter coat.  on the right - my little errand buddy.
some days it's still pretty chilly.  we had a great play date with some friends at the park one day.  too bad it was a school day for lala.  we'll have to do it again soon chrissy, christina, and bekah!  (p.s. i'm not sure if playdates are really for the kids or the moms!)
on this afternoon it was just too pretty to not have a picnic in the backyard.
emma got a new outfit
a few more everyday shots
i love this one.

a couple of weekends ago we got brave (no pun intended) and went to denver for a baseball game.  the braves were in town playing the rockies.
we stayed at the westin on saturday night.  what a great room.  who knew the kids would LOVE that window so much?!

pat junior

all dressed up to go out to dinner
we had a delicious dinner at vesta dipping grill.  the kids were both rockstars that night.  the waiter and the table of women next to us commented on how well behave they were.  pat said "let's go let's go let's go, before we ruin it!"
beautiful night for a stroll in downtown denver.  lots of great people watching - it was cinco de mayo and kentucky derby night!
good morning!
ready to go cheer on the braves
the last braves game we went to was over 8 years ago on one of our first dates.  awwwwww!
it was a fun day, but we'll just say that a baseball game is much more enjoyable WITHOUT two little bitty people.  :-)
this poor guy sitting in front of us tried to catch a home run ball and it hit him in the eye - can you see the shiner already forming???
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first, some random shots:
 watching a video on mommy's phone - this probably lasted about 3 seconds for freddy

baby einstein.  i love how freddy keeps looking at laurel.

go braves!  one more at-bat before bedtime...
 he's on the move now, all the time.  and he's obsessed with balls.


the second half of april was super busy.  we had lots of visitors.  we've got one more year out here in beautiful colorado, so come see us while you can!
 picking up pops and abbi at the denver airport

 we went to vail for closing weekend of ski season.  too bad there was NO SNOW!
we had fun anyway, exploring the village, working puzzles, having ice cream, etc

look at our mountain view.  that's a ski run - more mud than snow.  it was still beautiful though.  can you see the little creek that ran by our condo?
 i didn't take many photos that weekend.  too busy visiting and relaxing.  thanks pops and abbi!

 the next weekend, our friend nate justiss, a.k.a. "uncle tate washington" came to see us. 
he picked a gorgeous weekend.  we had a great little hike in waldo canyon, just south of town.
the fredster.  always up for the next activity.
laurel is getting to be a good little hiker!  you can see pike's peak in the top right photo

perfect picnic spot 
nate the great!  thanks for coming to see us!

then our buddies emily and molly paige steinfort stopped for a day/night on their way to texas.  once again, i should've taken more pictures. 
these two play so well together.  here they are watching american idol.


cutest.  ever. 
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