Easter 2010

i hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday. although we missed our families, we had a fantastic day worshiping and celebrating our risen Savior, appreciating all the blessings He's given us, and fellowshiping with new friends.

we enjoyed an excellent meal at the Baslers' house with new air force friends. laurel was such a good girl! (she even got a nap after church and before we went over there at 2:00 - it was an Easter miracle!)
the egg hunt was a hit

my new favorite picture
a little harder than it sounds to get a good family photo!

last week

ready for church. have you noticed we take lots of pictures on the dining room table? only place i've found where she can't run away!
enjoying the sun outside with apache and teddy bear (and some sort of catalog?)
last week's adventure - air force academy tennis match. she was much more into the baby than the tennis.
game room finally open and ready for visitors. thank you meme and big daddy!


Easter preview

Jesus is ALIBE!

latest obsession

what do you call this? headgear? hairwear? whatever you call it, she loves it. i guess she comes by it naturally...
she loves picking out what to wear.
never a dull moment...

last saturday's adventure

the weather was nasty, so we had to be creative...
rat tail? decided it may be time for lala's first haircut

yes, we paid someone for something i could've done at home. but the pictures wouldn't be as cute!
new do
then we went over to the welcome center at focus on the family's headquarters. for FREE indoor activities.
that night laurel's best friend, andre, and his parents, marjorie and derick, came over for dinner. isn't he adorable? next time i might even get a photo of the adults!

spring break!

abbi came to visit for spring break. we were so happy to see her!
it even snowed for abbi while she was here.

daddy taught laurel how to catch snow flakes on her tongue. in her rain gear?
abbi joined us for our adventure on saturday morning - sledding at our neighborhood park! it didn't turn out very well. pat and laurel tumped over on their first attempt and she got a face full of snow. if you look closely in the bottom picture you can tell she's still crying. oh well, we'll try again next time!

it was still a great adventure!

then we took our "nanny" with us for a couple of ski days at BRECKENRIDGE...
we had an amazing 2 days of skiing. he's still my favorite playdate!
thank you for going with us abbi!
the road home - kinda scary after a big snow
we had about 10 inches of snow waiting for us on our back deck!
and in our back yard. i wish i had a good video of apache, literally bounding in the snow. he LOVES it! here you go, this one's pretty good...

twinkle, twinkle