play date

laurel and i had a play date today with several friends at brittlebank park. beautiful day and great fellowship!

hannah and ellison, kate and amelia, daniel and micah

alecia and anna karis, emilie and lil big joe (not pictured, melanie and sam)

laurel waving hello

laurel and kennedy (with new short hair cut!)

the hassells

our friends jay and emily hassell came to visit last week.  we had so much fun!

jay and emily meeting laurel

we did a lot of walking, shopping, eating, you name it.  laurel was a champ!

here she is getting a much needed bath from daddy.

friday was laurel's first trip to the beach

it was a little cold

and very windy!!

aw, what a cute couple.

our little family

saturday we went to the farmer's market.  laurel's cold is better.  mine is worse...

thank you for coming to see us, jay and emily!


10 weeks

have i grown any?  what do you think?

9 weeks

laurel's 9 week pictures in just ONE of the several precious outfits her great grandmother meme has sent her.  

 thank you, meme!

daddy's home!!

pat got home friday from a 10 day trip.  i love these pictures of this daddy and his little girl.  

who needs HDTV?

laurel has moved from the cradle in our room to her big girl crib.  

our new favorite channel...  thank you mike and anna mary for our video monitor!

as you can see from these pictures, we are very entertained by this little girl.  i've got dozens of similar shots...

little princess

barbara brought this dress for laurel to wear.  we think my mom made it many moons ago.  so pretty...  thank you barbs and carley and hannah for all of the hand-me-downs!

man, does this picture just break your heart?  we are dead meat.  especially pat!!

ole broke neck.

photo shoot