December, Part 2

Christmas tree time!

it was great having our own family photographer there.  thanks marge!

the day marjorie left (*sniff*), we had a BIG snow!

Laurel and Hope sang a couple of times at church. 
see if you can pick out laurel's voice.  hilarious. 

one night in mid-december we went to ride the north pole express!

we all got to wear our pjs

except for daddy.  bah-humbug!  
but i think he and jude may have had a few laughs ;-)

we sang christmas songs, like feliz navidad...

we had hot drinks and peppermint sticks

we even got to meet santa and mrs claus!

ladies' christmas gift exchange with my best buds

time for church!

time for grandparents.  YAY!!

mom and i supervised


homemade cinnamon rolls and milk punch.  mmmmmmm

welcome to the family, Katherine!

something to read...

something to wear

something you want

on FaceTime with kissy and buddy

fashion show.  thanks kissy!

abbi and pops making sure things work right.  :-)

the day after christmas we took the train to new york city.  
i love the picture up top where freddy is in his stroller in the subway, but has to hold the pole like sister.

we went to see the Lion King and were blown away by it.  SO GOOD.  then we had a fabulous dinner at Fish Tail.  (i met the chef on our way out!)  

went to see the rockettes the next morning

another incredible meal

and a stroll through central park to show abbi and pops the castle

now that's a good daddy.  :-)

we couldn't wait to get home to play with all our new toys


it was a good year.  
so long 2013!

December, Part 1

Day 2 in the big apple with the Dreyers started in Central Park

museum of natural history

so happy we had that stroller!

our Christmas card photo

so fun.  so exhausting.  we love this family!

said goodbye to derick and the boys and headed back to jersey