10 months

sorry for the overkill. i just couldn't leave any of these out...


boo-tiful week

we had a fun lunch with mindy and anneliese last friday

the girls, after their impromptu dance party

monday morning target run. wanted to get the most out of that precious puppy costume. thanks, B! it was perfect!

we went to the platings' that night for pizza, trick-or-treating, and games. paula was a pretty tough football player, and joel was the cutest mater you've ever seen.

PRINCESS ariel, prince eric, and their puppy. :-) laurel has stopped calling pat daddy and only refers to him as prince eric. for example, this morning when she woke up: "mommy, did prince eric already go to work?"


i was scrambling for a last minute costume. ended up as a skier, stuck in the 80s.

caveman, brides, not sure what nate was...

candy! candy! candy!

precious thing. thank you platings! we had a blast.