15 months

little bit turned 15 months on the 4th

remember when that elephant towered over her?

what a sweetheart. thank you, Lord, for this gift!

life in the pine belt

this is what greeted us when we got home from church last week...

this huge pine tree fell on the garage. it missed the 4runner by a couple of feet, and i'm sure it scared apache to death! i'm glad we weren't home to hear it...

first trip to the zoo

when pops and abbi were here a few weeks ago, we strolled to the hattiesburg zoo...

laurel LOVED it!!

can you see the zebra?

we rode the train, too, and talked about how much warner would love it. he better come back and visit us soon!

the carousel was a little confusing, but we loved it, too!

i think these two wild animals enjoyed the day as well, what do you think?