happy times

dress up time. my little princess

how did this happen? how did i get SO blessed??

happy girl eating lunch outside, getting her hair cut; TIRED girl with goggle eyes at swim lessons

Happy Easter, 2011!

i'm dreaming of a white... Easter??

thank you, B!!

family shot, after church at some friends' house

thank you, abbi, for our Easter outfits!

egg hunt. little girl LOVED it!

proud girl. sweet daddy.

we had a fabulous day. we missed our families, but we are rejoicing that we serve a risen Savior!!!


3 months, a little late...

laurel and freddy comparison - he is SO much bigger than she was at this age! can you tell?


covenant child

sweet friends celebrated this special day with us

thank you, aunt ginger, for sending the gown for freddy to wear. it was perfect!


both sets of grandparents were in town last weekend for freddy's baptism. as usual, we crammed in as much activity as possible. the visit is NEVER long enough!!

my kids have the BEST grandfathers

we love you pops and buddy.

cutie pie

the big project - finishing laurel's swingset. what a happy happy little girl!

the aftermath. bloody marys for all

this old man was loving all the activity in the back yard. sweet boy will be 12 years old this july. wow...


little fish

laurel is doing SUCH a good job at swim lessons! we love "miss step-anie"

proud pops


Arapahoe basin

we squeezed in one more ski day and a great visit with my college friend cara and her family a few weekends ago

cara is expecting number 3 - maybe it'll be a little boy like the one she fell in love with that weekend :)

laurel LOVES playing with claire and louisa. the picture in the bottom left corner is just fantastic, don't you think?
thank you, kellstroms, for a fabulous weekend!

on the way home from the mountains we stopped in denver to see disney princess on ice. i wish i could've gotten a better picture! we missed the first 30 minutes b'c of snow and traffic, but it was worth the effort. we all loved it!


hardee whites

alex and amanda and grady white came to visit us the second half of spring break. what a treat!

laurel and grady were SO CUTE together :)

these two are pretty cute, too, don't you think?

alex helped pat start laurel's swingset. it was a much bigger project than we had anticipated...
amanda and i took the kids for a picnic at the broadmoor while the boys went on a hike (there are some photos on facebook)

thanks for coming to see us, friends!


spring break

we had a BLAST with our friends, the dreyers, at keystone over pat's spring break

lots of eating, laughing, playing, dancing...

laurel and andre's dance party

freddy and fourie, just hanging out

precious little blessings

not a lot of sleep for mommy, unfortunately. whew - looking rough!

the boys with their boys. i love these

we even did some skiing/boarding. the boys got 3 good days in.

marjorie is a saint. she kept all the kids one day and let me go skiing with the boys

on the last day marj and i took all the kiddos up the mountain on the gondola to eat lunch with their daddies.
highlight of the trip - the kids getting to watch pat and derick ski/ride under us in the gondola on the way back down the mountain.