we are celebrating two extremely significant marriages this week. monday was pat's parents' 35th and today is my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. we thank the Lord and our parents for these examples of faithful marriages, rooted in the love of Jesus. we love you all so much.

we also celebrate my big brother, richar
d, and how God has blessed him and used him. pat and laurel and i were able to go to tupelo sunday for richard's deacon ordination service at calvary baptist church. what a special time! i love you, richard, and i'm so proud of the man you are.

richard and all of his girls!



what do you think???


here are a few random shots from the past couple of weeks...

checkin everything out at target. look how big i've gotten!

i like my mommy's head bands

sweet kisses for my baby

what a funny little person.

what did i do before she came into our world?

laurel could look out the window all day long. she calls for apache (in her own little way)

"where is he, mama?"

still loving baby einstein. music puts her in a trance.

precious little hands

thank you, duncan, for the hand-me-down bike. i'm starting to figure it out and i love it!

i have no idea where this came from. she just started doing it in her high chair and i was finally able to capture it on video.


the week in review

last saturday we drove to jackson and got to hang out with our good friends - brad and sara riles and jay hassell (we missed you, emily!)

this is laurel's favorite way to sit in her stroller.

so ladylike, right? we're so proud...
i wonder what jay was talking about. whatever it was, he looks pretty convinced that he's right about it.

mommy-to-be sara is wondering what she's gotten herself into!

the boys - watching mississippi state basketball, i think.

bower, with his own unique perspective on the game

later, he shared his chair with me!

on monday, B brought us lunch and brought laurel a new book. how does she always know when our cupboard is bare? thanks, B!

ready for a trip to target. our fave.

see my new top tooth? it feels really funny and i constantly grind it against my bottom teeth. mommy LOVES the sound it makes... she says it is like fingernails on a chalkboard?

this is the way laurel always sits. right leg straight, left leg bent.

ignore the mother. focus on the baby. i can't watch this without smiling.


a day in the life

from morning to night right now, laurel has something in her mouth. she looks like a little puppy dog. come on, teeth!

we love the V smart learning toy that B and mamaw gave us for christmas. thank you!

we had a quick visit at meme's house today

laurel had lunch in the high chair made by her great great great great grandfather? something like that...

and then she read a book to meme with daddy

more puppy shots...

and some entertaining video clips...

laurel is obsessed with the pony buddy and kissy gave her. she could stand by it and dance all day long. thank you!

are we in trouble?


wedding bells...

congratulations and best wishes to our good friends emily and travis. we are excited for y'all!

11 months

thank you, kissy, for my outfit and my hat. am i cute, or what?

so hard to believe it has been 11 months.

good shot of my only 2 teeth. the others are coming soon!

trying to do some finger food in our new high chair. mama needs patience.

precious baby. you bring us so much joy!

scary! alas, since this shot was taken the shearing has occurred. it was fun while it lasted.

lazy week at smith lake

we followed christmas with a week at the lakehouse. lots of reading, eating, football watching, sleeping, and, unfortunately, sneezing, coughing, nose blowing, etc. laurel's virus turned into a cold, and of course everyone else got it, too. mine and pat's turned into sinus infections. UGH! happy new year?!

after a morning at urgent care, it was GREAT to watch the rebels win the cotton bowl. hotty toddy!

then merrill and barbs and the kids came over to watch the bama game. not so great...

but we loved getting to hang out some more!

i had to put these on here. one of laurel's favorite "toys" is this tiny lotion bottle. she chews on it when she's having her diaper changed.

sometimes with no hands.

this little girl is so funny!

best buds. look how big laurel is!

game time

uncle merrill loves laurel, aka "dark eyed pupa"

who is this man??? i'd say that hair is just a LITTLE out of regs...

obviously, pat has taken advantage of this time off. "nothing can stop the u.s. air force!"

a man and his dog.

little girl can (finally) hold her own bottle!

thank you, pops and abbi, for the refuge. we love y'all.