the week in review

last saturday we drove to jackson and got to hang out with our good friends - brad and sara riles and jay hassell (we missed you, emily!)

this is laurel's favorite way to sit in her stroller.

so ladylike, right? we're so proud...
i wonder what jay was talking about. whatever it was, he looks pretty convinced that he's right about it.

mommy-to-be sara is wondering what she's gotten herself into!

the boys - watching mississippi state basketball, i think.

bower, with his own unique perspective on the game

later, he shared his chair with me!

on monday, B brought us lunch and brought laurel a new book. how does she always know when our cupboard is bare? thanks, B!

ready for a trip to target. our fave.

see my new top tooth? it feels really funny and i constantly grind it against my bottom teeth. mommy LOVES the sound it makes... she says it is like fingernails on a chalkboard?

this is the way laurel always sits. right leg straight, left leg bent.

ignore the mother. focus on the baby. i can't watch this without smiling.


Kissy said...

That is sooo cute! A real laugh from the gut - did she get the hiccups????

The Balls said...

my girls loved the video...kept saying "play it again!" and then would die laughing.

Anonymous said...

precious. love y'all. witness

abbi said...

i'm crying. that is sooo funny!!!

Kissy said...

Oh well!!!! I'm a goner! Have to watch this several times a day!!!! She has her daddy's humor - love that kackle!!!!

Melanie said...

Gibson, that girl is precious. I love the video - isn't it amazing what we'll do to get those giggles?!

Emilie said...

mama is soooo funny! I love it . . .and love you guys!