snow day

this happened this morning. i looked over and he was standing up! he was SO proud of himself.

little dolphin


winter is here!

laurel is still taking swim lessons and is doing a fantastic job. she's such a little fish! i'll try to get a video soon.

on monday, we put freddy in the water for the last 5 minutes of laurel's lesson. he wasn't so sure about it. so i signed us up for "mommy and me" (maybe "daddy and me"?) classes on the next 4 saturdays mornings.

orange day at laurel's preschool. freddy had to participate, because, seriously, how cute is that outfit?

today we got our first big snow (we missed the one earlier this month)

hard to believe that one week ago today i was sitting out there on the deck in the sun with my friends!

laurel surprises me every week with how much she's learning at school!

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girls' weekend

last week/weekend 4 of my college buddies came to visit. (p had a boys' weekend at the usafa game in boise.) it was so much fun to have my furman friends here! 3 of them had never even been to colorado...

on wednesday night, we celebrated caroline's birthday at the broadmoor. fabulous atmosphere, food, and friends!

on friday we loaded up and headed to the mountains. loading up 5 ladies + their luggage + freddy was a bit of a chore. can you tell i'm standing on a ladder to pack the car-top carrier?!

we spent the weekend at our friend cara's in-laws' house in the mountains. our mascot freddy made himself right at home

me, caroline, cara, stephanie, and maureen on a walk - ellen must've taken this one

on saturday we all (6 ladies and 2 babies) somehow fit into cara's car and went over to breckenridge for the afternoon
fredster was SUCH a trooper!

it couldn't have been a more beautiful day

there's a photo of all of us (top right) - cara, maureen, stephanie, ellen, caroline, and me.
freddy and cara's 8 week old, greta, were angel babes.

another group shot

love these friends!

an early sunday morning, packing up and heading back to the denver airport. thank you, sweet friends, for making the trip. can't wait til next year!!!


laurel spent the weekend with our friends, the platings. she had such a fun time! i love that photo of joel and laurel and hope.

lala rode a horse for the first time!!!

thank you, platings, for loving our little girl!

fabulous fall

a random collection of photos...

a house divided

our beautiful red tree in the front yard

chubby boy. i love those knee rolls!

lala's preschool photo in the middle. love it!



a few school outfits...
can you tell which day was white day? we were sick for pink day :-( so we had to go all out on purple day!

thursday night we watched the falcons get beat :-( but it was still a ton of fun!


getting a little colder here!

nashville nuptials

last weekend we went to nashville for my cousin daniel's wedding. we also got to see several good friends who live there. what a bonus!

lala with williams (aka will-ee-yums)

uncle sims with porter and freddy

lunch with mom, dad, mary, kirk, rich, and uncle john. thanks uncle john!

the boys and their babes. it was beautiful in music city. meanwhile, it was SNOWING at home. that's right. october 8th. our friends said we got 5 inches! of course, not a trace of it when we got home...

dinner with sims and leslie, john & whitney, emily, susannah, trent & kristen, and rebekah & john. what fun!!

handsome daniel and his beautiful bride, ching li

gorgeous setting

we love weddings. :-)

especially when we get to see COUSINS

i love these. wish i had had my good camera. story of my life...

easiest. baby. ever. seriously.

mary stuckey. :-)

precious fredster

dinner at local taco in brentwood. did i mention it was MY HUSBAND'S BIRTHDAY? we got to celebrate over breakfast with trent and kristen, then with birthday (wedding) cake, then over a pitcher of margaritas. pretty good day!

thanks pops!

the bond sisters. love these two!

time to go home. little trooper.


mount herman

on sunday after church, we climbed a mountain!

laurel hiked the entire 2 miles up to the top. she may have complained a little, but she made it and we were so proud of her!

this was no easy hike. in some places it was very steep and rocky. can you find freddy?

the views were gorgeous from the beginning. all the aspens are changing to a beautiful golden color.

at the top. we did it!
we could see the denver sky line to the north and the academy and pike's peak to the south

we had a yummy cookie when we got to the top.

laurel hitched a ride for part of the way down. at one point she told pat "be careful daddy, i'm trying to go to sleep." well excuse me!!!

then she got her second wind...

my legs were trembling when we got back to the car, but i'm ready to find another mountain to climb!