who made you?

mommy's little helper

my friend martha jane

our friends otis, julie, and martha jane pickett came to see us this weekend. what a treat! we can't wait to hang out with them again, hopefully soon...

how precious is she?! martha jane is 3 months younger than laurel - born on cinco de mayo.

these two are big buddies - or maybe i should say these four! pat and otis are such sweet daddies.

here is julie pulling double duty

on saturday we spent a couple of hours at the hattiesburg zoo. it was pretty hot, but the girls loved the train and all the animals.

i LOVE this picture, taken at southbound bagels. laurel and martha jane are watching the rain outside, waiting on their daddies.

uncle otis

little hams. i wish i could've gotten them giggling. so cute!

silly silly

we had an amazing sunday afternoon with the atkinsons at our house. gracie and laurel are so cute together.

one morning pat found laurel in her crib like this - one arm out, chewing on that loose sleeve. i fixed it, and she did it again... what a little fashionista!

readin', playin', fussin'...

favorite thing to do in all of life

keep away from apache - another favorite

not happy about something...

abbi came to visit and taught laurel how to make a fort. they are a pretty cute twosome.

weekend in fairhope

we were so excited to get to go to fairhope, alabama for eric evans and amy dietz's wedding. i didn't do a very good job taking photos, but here's what i got...

patty, freddy, pat, laurel, and i stayed at peter and ann fargason's beautiful house on mobile bay. their granddaughter, shelby, is 4 days younger than laurel and of course, they had a ball together. we got to spend a lot of time with our friends jay and emily hassell and richard and dana bush.

most of the weekend was spent on the fargasons' FABULOUS wharf (pier). when can we go back??