north georgia rayners

last weekend, pat's uncle craig and his family came to visit us. we had SO MUCH FUN!

laurel with sydney, cole pushing freddy, and laurel's room all set up for one boy and one girl.


on saturday we rode the cog railroad from manitou springs to the top of pike's peak.

some of what we saw. no, i'm not on my phone -- i'm holding the cap to the camera.

the end of the rail. it was breathtaking, in more ways than one.

what a great picture! too bad little bit isn't looking up.

best buds

on monday, while pat worked, we went to eat lunch in old colorado city, went by the broadmoor, and got ice cream at our favorite place downtown. what a great day!

then pat joined us for dinner at colorado mountain brewery.

little trooper with his great uncle craig. ha!

we had a fabulous weekend. thank you craig, angela, sydney, and cole! can't wait to see y'all again soon. we love you!

6 months and stuff

this is what we looked like this month...

big boy!

big, hilarious girl

sooo sweet to her little brother. on the other hand, he puts up with a LOT!

polka dots!

fun in the backyard. the water in the pool was so cold, we had to warm up a little bit. :-)

helping daddy cook. pretty sure there are delicious pancakes in that bowl

happy boy

before church


happy fourth!

the hardest part of having a party is having to say goodbye. :-(

God bless America!


lala wants to play dress up every single day. freddy loves to just be in a diaper. i'm lucky if i just get a shower. :-)

we got to spend a fun evening downtown last week with our friends, the rampeys. laurel loved playing with their boys.

some family shots


home, sweet home!

my boys. :-)

we got to spend a little more time with the dreyers before they moved back home to south africa.
*sniff, sniff *

funny, funny kiddos!

we love these friends!

this one breaks my heart.