i love my new camera

and my subjects!

back to reality

everybody left, and we're making it - so far...

he looks different in EVERY picture!

our friends cara, claire, and louisa came to visit. we always have fun with them.

my little valentine

with my big valentine

littlest valentine in his church clothes. thanks kissy!

3 and 1

woo woo!!!

unfortunately, warner (woo woo) and ginger's flight was canceled on friday, so they missed the birthday party saturday morning. but we were so happy to see them later that day!cousins

awesome time with buddy. what a fabulous grandfather!

aunt ginger. i think she's in love.

the view from our deck before the big snow came

fun in the snow!

we miss y'all!

we love you, william warner lively. thank you for coming to see us. come back soon!

pjs and pancakes

the day after laurel's birthday we celebrated with a few friends

birthday girl pajamas

sweet friends
p made delicious pink, blue, and green pancakes.


love this grin after she blew out her candle

family of four?!

we love kissy and buddy - SO glad they could be here!


i think the cupcakes were a hit

beautiful kissy and her newest love

the chef

the kiddos

the princess, opening presents with daddy

sweet (perhaps dangerous?) birthday hugs

derick and his boys


more twins! :)

a true friend will clean your floor... love you marj!

precious, happy, easy, content, BIG boy fourie

opening gift from tupelo cousins. thank you carley, richard, maury, lucy, rebecca, and celia!

laurel katherine is THREE years old!!!

on february 4th, our little 2 year old became a big 3 year old

we had blueberry muffins that morning and opened a few presents.

then laurel got to celebrate her birthday with all of her friends at mothers' morning out!

buddy arrived that afternoon. what a lucky birthday girl!

freddy meets freddy. so precious.

here, pat is giving buddy a taste of his first batch of home brew. it is really really good!!!

then lala got to open more birthday presents... thank you everybody!!!

happy girl

i LOVE this progression. pat explaining the baby doll cradle, and laurel realizing what it is...

buddy and kissy gave laurel a plasma car. she's already so good at driving it

thank you buddy and kissy! big birthday hugs!

the big present is a swingset for the back yard. it's actually in a box in the garage. we have to wait til it's warmer to put it together. i think she understood the picture...?

sweet memories. what a great day!