a great upset

saturday was a great day to be an ole miss rebel fan. although laurel roots for every mississippi team, on that day we were all cheering for the rebs!

yeah, the outfit is still a little too big...

what a cutie!

that night, wes and marion and burn curry came over for more SEC football and some burgers on the grill.

laurel and burn are so cute together.

laurel scoots backwards while burn pulls himself forward. it's pretty funny to watch...

isn't it?

(p.s. it's better if you turn your volume down and you can't hear my terrible accent in the background...)

laurel and uncle wes say "way to go rebels!"

friday night lights, part 2

laurel LOVED watching all of the activity at the game. wish we could've stayed longer. thank you rowells and crystal. we had so much fun!

friday night lights

friday night we met our friends, the rowells, for dinner at the mexican kitchen before going to watch britt rowell coach the petal linebackers in the petal high school vs. biloxi high school football game. go panthers!

here you see mike and anna mary with laurel, katey and kane with their 2 1/2 year old cutie, camp, and britt's girlfriend, crystal. yes, mike is UNDER the table with camp. what a crazy granddaddy!
taking it all in...

pine trees and polka dots

we love all the trees around our new home in the pine belt

laurel is happy in her new room. this week she gets to share it with kissy. yay!!

she is able to entertain herself now, for a few minutes, at least...


copying daddy

stuck again

photo shoot

i think i took these on the way to church sunday. she is so expressive these days!

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GREAT grandmothers

this little princess is so blessed to be half an hour from both of her great grandmothers!

visiting at meme's, modeling a new pair of shoes meme just gave her.

hey pretty lady!

big enough to sit in the high chair at the country club now, with the duck she stole from meme's house

i love these pictures

meme with 2 of her favorite things!

AND we love when b and mamaw come to visit - next time we'll take more pictures!

finding friends...

laurel found her reflection in the dish washer. she likes to talk to that other little person...

she can't quite figure out what or who apache is

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on the move...

laurel is sitting up on her own now and continues to scoot only backwards. her first tooth has broken the surface but you still can't really see it. she is SO MUCH FUN these days. here are a few pics (and videos) from around the house over the past couple of weeks...

thanks, kathryn holley, for the "baby legs" so i don't hurt my little knees...

sometimes i get stuck. maybe i'll learn how to move forward soon...


please pack your knives and go

laurel is making a plug for our favorite show today.  

ready for the new season to begin, so we can "watch what happens..."

ready to eat.  notice a theme?  the rayners LOVE food.  :)


peep eye with daddy

hilarious video

first pedicure

it was harder to get a good picture than it was to paint them...

whoa, mama needs one too!