7 months

the days after gustav were some of the prettiest days i've ever seen in destin.  thank you pops and abbi -- we had an awesome time with you and we love you so much!

7 months old on sept. 4th

even the elephant made the trip!

that sun is so bright, mommy.  hurry up!

whew, that's better

pops looks all relaxed and happy

ouch!  why do i do this to myself?

my friend sheri scruggs and her two kids came to visit on friday

hey josh!  josh was born 20 days after laurel and weighs 4 pounds more than she does and already has 2 teeth!

big sister sydney and laurel.  i'm so glad we got to see the scruggs.  what a treat!

laurel can sit up on her own now... for a few minutes  

i took this before we left sunday.  we love you abbi.  thank you for all of your help and for loving us so much.


The Balls said...

so cute! laurel looks older, but is still so bitty! how is she doing with baby food? does she like it? we miss you guys!

Emilie said...

I miss that little punkin (and you too of course). Look at that sweetie sitting up!