labor day weekend in destin

every labor day we have a johnston family reunion at the beach.  this time there were 18 adults and 8 kiddos.  we missed you sommerville, jp, and sarah   :(  

we celebrated katie's (and sarah's, in absentia) 21st birthdays and merrill's, barbara's, and mary katherine's 40th birthdays.

my uncle claudie, aunt maureen, cousin gilbert, and dad looking on as the birthday boy and girls open cards

all 8 of the kids - lucy helen, duncan, caroline, elizabeth, laurel, merrill, rebecca, and maury

caroline and lucy loving their cousin laurel

all 6 little girls!

caroline and lucy - bff

abbi and some of her girls

merrill is outnumbered big time, but he is such a sweet brother and cousin

watching a storm approach.  it is SO BEAUTIFUL in destin

barbara and the big girls, watching a slide show of pictures from their sailing trip this summer

boys, doing what boys do best - watching football!

sweet rebecca

precious girl, hamming it up

rebecca and laurel are 14 months apart.  they will be quite a twosome next year!

"hey!  i'm just hanging out with crazy uncle mark!"

"he's telling me stories and singing songs..."

"... and wearing me out!"

maury and caroline, being sweet to duncan

this is duncan, my cousin mary katherine's little boy.

he LOVES baby laurel


aw, how sweet!

laurel and pat, before the state game.  

she looks like such a little boy!

aw, and after the game.  it hurts to lose.  (or maybe it just hurts to wear this shirt...)  

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Kissy said...

I don't think it's the shirt - that is a GREAT shirt!!!!!!

Love, Buddy