lazy week at smith lake

we followed christmas with a week at the lakehouse. lots of reading, eating, football watching, sleeping, and, unfortunately, sneezing, coughing, nose blowing, etc. laurel's virus turned into a cold, and of course everyone else got it, too. mine and pat's turned into sinus infections. UGH! happy new year?!

after a morning at urgent care, it was GREAT to watch the rebels win the cotton bowl. hotty toddy!

then merrill and barbs and the kids came over to watch the bama game. not so great...

but we loved getting to hang out some more!

i had to put these on here. one of laurel's favorite "toys" is this tiny lotion bottle. she chews on it when she's having her diaper changed.

sometimes with no hands.

this little girl is so funny!

best buds. look how big laurel is!

game time

uncle merrill loves laurel, aka "dark eyed pupa"

who is this man??? i'd say that hair is just a LITTLE out of regs...

obviously, pat has taken advantage of this time off. "nothing can stop the u.s. air force!"

a man and his dog.

little girl can (finally) hold her own bottle!

thank you, pops and abbi, for the refuge. we love y'all.

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