11 months

thank you, kissy, for my outfit and my hat. am i cute, or what?

so hard to believe it has been 11 months.

good shot of my only 2 teeth. the others are coming soon!

trying to do some finger food in our new high chair. mama needs patience.

precious baby. you bring us so much joy!

scary! alas, since this shot was taken the shearing has occurred. it was fun while it lasted.


Kissy said...

OMG! What scary brown eyes you have! A brown eyed booger!!!!!

Kissy said...

and . . . . . cutest little brown eyed girl I've ever seen!!!!!

The Balls said...

laurel still looks so much like pat to me, but that one of her looking down in the high chair looks a lot like your mom, gibson! she is SO cute!!! and kissy, where did you get that hat?! i definitely need one for little girl #3!

Kissy said...

I got it at Chi Omega Christmas here in Dallas. Gibson will have to tell you the name on the tag - you could probably order one on line! Congrats on baby girl #3!!