June 2014

June brought -
field day at Discovery School

 roses in our backyard

uncle merrill to philly for work

 new backpacks from south africa.
thanks marjorie and derick!

 mommy's birthday party with some incredible friends

 teresa showed us how to use a rosebush thorn to make a great witch's wart!

 thank you Lord for these friends!

 and this one!

Pat left the day after my birthday for a short work trip to Brazil.
It turned into almost a month without him :-(

 that's rug burn on her nose.  ha!

 almost time to say goodbye to kindergarten

 Laurel took tennis lessons in princeton for the spring/summer

 the huxes joined us one saturday

 freddy kept TJ busy

 while michelle took some fabulous pictures of my girl

my favorite 

 single-parenting is much easier with this unbelievable support system

 wonder where he learned that pose...

 freddy's last day at the CDC.
we LOVE miss kim, miss emily, and miss lois!

 too cute for words

 our bible study group had a feast to celebrate our Prodigal God

laurel's last tennis lesson of the season.  
her coach,  renie(?), said she needs to be playing bc she's strong and tall.  ???

last day of kindergarten!

 i think she grew up some this year

 summer haircuts.  
thank you noel!

 june also brought our weekly trips to fernbrook farm to pick up (and pick) our CSA share.  

 one of the best decisions we've ever made

 taking advantage of living in the Garden State

 of course it helps that all our friends go, too!

 my girl amber graduated.  

meanwhile, poor pat was stuck on a beach in brazil with nothing to do...

 time to head south.  
we left Philly early on the 27th.
Pat got home to NJ that night at 8:00.

we learned while pat was gone that was selected for promotion to lt. col.  not surprised and very proud!

 a little cousin love

 me too, baby girl!!!

we spent the weekend in tupelo, then drove to madison monday to drop the kids off at buddy and kissy's house.
 then i picked fran up in brookhaven and we went to new orleans to celebrate her 40th bday a little early.  we need to do this at least once a year!

meanwhile, the kids were having a BALL   
i think the golf cart is a hit, buddy!

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