busy weekend

last friday and saturday, our good friends wes and marion curry were in town and we got to hang out with them.  what a treat!

marion is due 6 weeks after i am.  how exciting!!

saturday, my best friends from college -- stephanie, maureen, and caroline -- came to charleston and hosted a baby shower for me.  it was so good to see them and awfully sweet of them to do this for us!

caroline's mom, joanne, and stephanie's mom, sue, came to help out.  these moms go WAY back...

i'm so glad my mom was able to be here.

what a spread!

look how cute the napkins were!

i have incredible friends who came out on a yucky cold and rainy day...

the fireplace was wonderful!

baby rayner got some great gifts, of course.

the hostesses gave us a huge basket full of their favorite books.  i can't wait to read them to this little peanut!

pregnant bellies everywhere!

tired, but happy gib.


abbi said...

very good job. boy, we did alot those few days! hope your hostesses see

The Balls said...

i'm sorry i missed your shower, it looked so nice!