last week, part 2

laurel's favorite part of any pillow, toy, piece of furniture, or piece of clothing is the tag.  

if it has a tag, she will find it and put it in her mouth...

had to get a picture of this.  when pat rides his bike to school or if laurel and i go for a stroll, apache sits right here in the driveway and waits for us until we get back.

sweet boy!

our little girl has gotten so big!  

um, what's going on here?

oh, if there's food involved, i'm in!

kissy and laurel, making a mess!

messiest eater EVER!

this is the new face laurel makes ALL the time.  she crinkles her nose and shows all of her top gums.  we think it's a smile... 

yes, definitely a smile.  i love it.  it makes her REALLY look like her daddy!


The Lively's said...

LOVE miss prissie poo's new smile! What a lil mess!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lively's said...

why am I posting as the Lively's? This is Kissy!

abbi said...

I can't wait to see Miss scrunch face!!!!! bring it