big girl!

on tuesday afternoon i walked into laurel's room and found her standing up in her crib.  what a surprise!  we caught it on video the next day.  

she still looks so tiny!

in case anybody was wondering, we definitely have a BROWN eyed girl

this didn't last long.

this is what daddy looks like these days...

every morning when we open the blinds in laurel's room, we love seeing the beautiful pink rose God has given us.  can you see it?

the picture doesn't even do it justice.


The Lively's said...

Warner wanted to watch this video over and over - "watch it again mommy", "I wanna see baby laurel." Then during the video - "hey baby, hey baby Laurel." I would say he likes Laurel just a little bit!!!

Todd and Lisa Christian said...

My goodness...what a cutie pie!!! she is all smiles. Good job mommy and daddy! we miss yall lots~

abbi said...

labonk and I loved these. what a living doll. love the rose as well.