here are a few pics we took last week. my mom got to spend most of the week with us and we loved having her here. thanks to her, we have clean and organized closets. nothing like it - thanks mom!

i can't get up grumpy in the morning when this is what greets me.

one of laurel's favorite hangouts

especially with a crazy grandmom out there! (i love this picture)

watching a new baby einstein video. thanks barbs!

such a happy happy girl


Dana said...

I love watching your videos of your sweet and beautiful little girl. She has got to be the cutest baby I've seen. I love keeping up everyone who has blogs.

Emilie said...

Can your mom come to my house? I have some closets too. :-) And give Miss Laurel a big hug and kiss from us. I just want to squeeze her!

rogerse said...

uh uh. i'm obsessed with her little wave! couldn't you eat her! this couldn't get much more fun.