September 2014

back in jersey and time for first grade haircut!
laurel went to see my friend Ray

i LOVE this haircut on laurel.  
and on sophie!

first day of 1st grade
so very hard to believe

somebody had a GREAT day!

meanwhile, i got to hang out with this little joy.
we were looking at that book and he asked me "why is that bathroom man running across the street."
it took me a few minutes...  
i love the way his brain works!

we love nathan next door and his slide!

somebody else joined the bob crew!

freddy loves picking raspberries and eating them right away

kissy was in town for 9/11 and got to go watch the parade at laurel's school

God bless America, indeed

kissy stayed with the kids while pat and i made a quick trip to atlanta with some of our USAFA friends to watch the falcons play

college football hall of fame

an annual tradition - so much fun! 

fabulous new hats

a wonderful visit with buddy and kissy!

this boy's turn.  first day of school at the CDC

dentist visit for laurel, fun lunch for freddy, and daddy time!  

kissy loves to make my house ready for the Fall.  i love it too!

we had a very short visit with these good friends and are SO EXCITED to see who joins their family in 2015.  i'm hoping for pink and pigtails!

derick got to help put together (and enjoy) pat's early birthday gift!

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