November 2014

what a fun crew!  we had a (freezing cold) fun day at westpoint watching the falcons bring home the commander-in-chief's trophy!

our seats were, literally, right next to the band.  it was loud but it was very entertaining!

 we got to see some of our old friends!

and all our friends got to see us on tv!

we followed claudie and maureen and sarah back to Pelham.  we had a fabulous meal in their gorgeous warm home.  we watched mississippi state barely beat arkansas in one room and in the other room we watched ole miss lose to auburn in the worst possible, most brutal way 

time for a visit from abbi and pops!

quick trip to the shore for some seafood

and ice cream, of course

on monday dad went with me to NYC to do some recon for the rayner/lively thanksgiving trip

at ground zero we stumbled onto a very moving veterans' day ceremony, 
featuring the amazing U.S. Air Force honor guard drill team.  we had no idea! 

i love this man!

i wanted him to experience the korean bbq pat and i had the month before.  AND we got to see his little brother - bonus!  thanks for the day trip dad!!

i mean, what's better than blue icing all over your face at one of your best bud's birthday party?

maybe this?  
i love this snaggle tooth smile!


daddy had to go to rhode island for some training.  we joined him for the weekend...

the man kinda likes raw oysters...

and mississippi state football  ;-)

back to fort dix.  we got on a bit of a fort-building kick, starting in the rhode island hotel room

our last fernbrook farm produce for the year :-(

isn't it beautiful?

daddy's home from rhode island!

i'm gonna miss that snaggle smile

i don't either, darling.

getting ready!

i had so much fun planning for the rayner/lively thanksgiving meal and trip to NYC

they're here!

PERFECT turkey on the big green egg

laurel made personalized place mats for the kids

and place-cards for the adults

it.  was.  delicious.  

time to take a big bite of the big apple.  we took the ferry over bc warner wanted to see the statue of liberty 


ground zero

cool buildings

grand central station.  
we had an incredible lunch at the grand central oyster bar.  we'll need to save some major pennies before we try that again!

we endured a long wait to get to the top of the empire state building.  but i think everyone (the adults, at least) would say it was well worth it!

nothing like it on earth

new jersey!

this is how we all felt at the end of the day

next morning - rockefeller center

and radio city music hall
we LOVE the rockettes :-)


photo session

i love buddy's face in these

but THIS takes the cake.  look how hard buddy is working.  and can you find sonny boy??

biggest trooper award goes to this guy.  pretty much sick the whole time.  :-(

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