April, part 2

our last colorado adventure - a trip to great sand dunes national park

we stayed at the lodge right at the park and loved it.  we found the sun for breakfast in the morning. even the parking lot had a great view!

but the real view was in the back.  there are over 30 square miles of sand dunes right at the foot of the sangro de cristo mountains.  

waiting patiently to get the day started

the approach

it really was the perfect day for this hike to the top of the first ridge of dunes



this was MUCH steeper than it looks

freddy hitched a ride

hey belly!
this is the same photo.  my little hiker!

at the top
the faces

i mean.  melts my heart.


brown-eyed girl

worn out daddy!

snack time
my favorite of the day

can't decide which one i like better

freddy rode with me on the way down

the "avalanche" pat caused

ahhhh.  naptime

somebody got a little sun burned.  oops!

can you see the deer?

dinner, watching a gorgeous sunset

going, going, gone!

big hungry

simon says

before heading home the next day we slept late, took our time checking out

and then spent a couple of hours in medano creek

the kids weren't so sure at first.  

but after a little pep talk

i guess you could say they got into it.  ha!

so did daddy

i think that's a happy boy

ready to go!

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