sweet september

i've got lots of photos to post, so bear with me... ha ha ha

this beautiful creature was in paula's backyard the day after i picked up freddy, who was playing in said backyard.  yikes.  apparently the waldo canyon fire messed up his food supply, so he decided to come grocery shopping in our neighborhood.  again, yikes!

my cousin sarah and her friend laura spent the night on their trip across the country.  we love having visitors!

a typical saturday in the fall.  i think they're saying "boo longhorns."  sorry kids.  better get used to it...

big truck!  a.k.a., in our house, "DEE DUH!!!!"  we hear it all day every day.  8-)

more visitors!  cousins mary and adam on their trip across the country

one weekend we had a short visit from kissy and buddy.  we surprised pat with his early 35th birthday gift.  the beloved big green egg
to say he loves it would be the understatement of the century.  thank you buddy and kissy and abbi and pops for chipping in!!!

time to go cheer on the falcons

perfect day for a football game

laurel participated again in the falcon cheer clinic

this time with her friend molly paige!  thanks to the usafa cheerleaders these two both know all the words to "call me maybe."  we are so proud...

little man.  little football fan.

yes, this is my new favorite picture.  but don't be fooled.  i didn't watch a single play of the game...

guess who loves to swim now?!?  almost as much as he adores his big sister...

pizza night

another falcon football game.  two rayners braved the elements.  the other two enjoyed being warm and toasty inside the house!

a few shots of some of our friends in the church nursery

these are some happy, magical, fleeting days.  i pray that i won't take a minute for granted and i'll enjoy every stage!

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