i have loved getting to volunteer at laurel's preschool.  her teachers are AMAZING.  
pirate day.  aaaargh!

first snow of the year
school pic.  passport photos.  and a shot to remind me that he IS still a baby...

4 going on 18, the gorgeous yellow tree across the street, our "walk" home from school one warm day

freddy and his buddy benjamin watching the garage door fix-it man

precious people
halloween time!

laurel was cinderella and got to wear her dress to the party at school.  mrs slater as mrs potato head

laurel's dress lights up!  i helped with the pumpkin bowling game.  so cute! 
snack time
that night we went to the platings' to trick-or-treat.  like my costume?
freddy LOVED being batman.
our last halloween in colorado springs.  love these friends!

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