november, part 1

catch up time again - at the beginning of november i went to charlottesville, va to spend the weekend with my college buddies.
it was such a fun weekend.  i love these girls!

we stayed at mark and stephanie's house.  look at lucas and eliza - aren't they precious?!


we may have gone to a few wineries... and accidentally crashed a wedding...

smiles all around!  thank you osadas for your hospitality!!!

meanwhile, pat was getting the husband of the year award:
or daddy of the year?

i got to visit with maureen (and norah, in that belly) in atlanta during my 3 hour layover on the way home.  we missed her, but so glad i got to see her!

2 pretty good sites awaiting me back in colorado

freddy is into cars.  BIG.

 mom and dad came to visit the following weekend and this is the ONLY photo i got.  ha!

pops's girl.

laurel's thanksgiving feast at school

that same day we spent 6 hours in the pediatric ER downtown.
it was an incredibly scary day.  freddy's platelet count was dangerously low.  the doctors were throwing around words like meningitis and leukemia.  yikes!

he didn't feel TOO bad the entire time we were there...

we are extremely thankful that freddy just had a blood disorder called ITP.  

he had some bruising for a few weeks, but those platelets increased pretty quickly and he's back to normal

this is what you do when the doctor says to try to keep a 2 year old from getting any bumps or scratches!  thank you platings for the balloons!

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