first ... the rest of october

pat presented a paper at a conference at USM in hattiesburg. laurel and i got to tag along and had so much fun! the trip started with a flight from denver to new orleans.

looks like laurel loves a nice hotel room and new orleans as much as her mommy and daddy!

a morning at cafe du monde ...

and in jackson square.

while pat was attending the conference, laurel and i got to sneak away and see our brookhaven friends.

fran, maggie, gracey, and robert. what a treat!

pat participated in a panel discussing the church's response to the civil rights movement. also on the panel -

bobby griffith, sean lucas, and otis pickett

bo morgan, top right, introduced the panelists and made the closing remarks. everybody did such an incredible job!

so proud of our scholar! he's a natural!

sweet friends - wes and marion curry and adam pennebaker came to listen and support pat. patty and B and mamaw also got to come.

raylawni branch - a true hero from the civil rights movement.

we got to spend a little time with the pennebakers and currys on saturday afternoon. look how big burn and payne have gotten!

laurel playing hard to get. atta girl!

and harris! isn't she beautiful?! she was such a little baby when we left hattiesburg. hard to believe...

a few other local heroes - peggy connor and ellie dahmer with her son, harold.

we got to spend time with our friends erin and blair and hayes riley in hattiesburg. i wish i had pictures! we also had some special time in laurel with meme, B and mamaw, and will and julie. where was my camera???
back to new orleans on sunday. we love that city!

we thoroughly enjoyed our jazz brunch at arnaud's. classic.

love these new orleans street shots. (i was 29 weeks pregnant.)

okay, back to colorado. time for halloween. laurel, i mean ARIEL, loved getting to celebrate early at gymboree.

yeah, i was some sort of cowboy?

snow white was there! and if you look closely you can see daddy in the background...
isn't that red wig hilarious???

"punkwin" carving. one for daddy, one for mommy, one for laurel, and one for baby.

pat was so proud of his handiwork!

woody, ariel, and a cowboy with a beer belly. ha! i just wanted to wear a fake mustache...

trick or treat!

marjorie and her boys came over and we all went to trick or treat on the platings' street.

andre and pat as woody. i love it!

fourie as a cowboy, pat as woody with john plating as a viking (or laurel said he was king triton, ha!), and joel as a duck.

a fake mustache is so much fun!

the kiddos with kitty cat paula plating. what a fun night!

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