the real birthday celebration

saturday morning - laurel's big birthday/valentine's day celebration with all of her grandparents
she loved opening the presents and all of the attention. who wouldn't?
thank you meme! (please disregard the obnoxious mommy. if i could mute me, i would...)
on the right - the eventual, inevitable meltdown. had to take a break from opening presents...
took some time that afternoon to play with some new toys
mommy's little helper. i love this hat. thank you kissy!
later, after naptime, we had a tea party!
complete with chocolate chip cookie brownie cupcakes. YUMMY!
yep, my little girl!

yep, pops's little girl's little girl!
i think she liked it...
MORE cards and presents?!?
sooo sweet. what a special day!
happy birthday, precious child.
you are loved!!!

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