tupelo thanksgiving weekend

we had a blast with the johnston family in tupelo. it's always so much fun with all these cousins. thanks pops and abbi!

two peas in a pod, caroline and lucy. i love the photo on the bottom right. do you think they were worn out? ha!

this makes me happy. uncle and laurel working a puzzle. i LOVE watching my big brothers love on my baby girl!

tough to get a good group shot...

i like this one. laurel knows there's something different about that oldest cousin... the ONLY boy! (by the way - i fixed all the red eyes in this photo, but i guess it didn't transfer onto blogspot. grrrrr)

thanks to barbara, we got a Christmas card shot while we were there. if you didn't get one, forgive me! i didn't send out many, and life's been a little crazy lately, to say the least...

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Matt Lambert said...

I only see a good photo of a bad lookin' dude. He was just POURED into that uniform!