this morning our little climber flipped over the back of a chair and hit the window sill HARD. it was frightening, to say the least.

the photos really don't do it justice. she has a HUGE bump on her head and a little strawberry by her eye. i know it could've been much worse.

she's fine now, of course; it didn't slow her down much. thank you, God, for taking care of us!


Kissy said...

What a busy little booger! She took quite a fall!!!! The only part that will be like W is if she does it again and again in the same spot!

The Balls said...

awwwww, poor laurel!!! her first goose egg?? it's so hard seeing our babies get hurt like that! isn't it amazing that hitting that hard just gave her a giant bump? thank goodness it didn't split & require stitches!!!

Sarah said...

Well, you were right, that is quite a bump!! I'm so sorry. Poor baby Laurel! (Love your title.)

Emilie said...

poor sweet darling!