music city

a couple of weeks ago, during pat's exams, laurel and i hit the road and spent the week in nashville. we got to see so many friends and had a ball!

thank you, leslie and sims, for letting us stay at your house. we cannot WAIT to meet baby hill.

good practice!

hey nanny bek! i can tell you know a thing or two about little people...

good, good friends - rebekah, emily, and leslie.

john and whitney, sims and travis.

aw, i love my friend whitness...

after church sunday we had lunch at the mcgowns'. thank you cole and amanda! why on earth did i not take more pictures of those precious boys??? i guess i was too busy snapping photos of amoonda's fabulous decor...

daddy and the boys (with martina mcbride's tennis courts in the background...)

this little one is a TROOPER. she is up for anything these days. so i'm taking advantage of it!

for example... my good friends trent and kristen dabbs celebrated their 8th anniversary on tuesday, but trent was on tour with Ten out of Tenn. so kristen and i (and our babies...) drove to atlanta for the show to surprise him.

here is trent, striking a pose in the tour bus (which used to be willie nelson's, by the way)

and here is laurel on the tour bus, striking a pose of her own

kristen and baby cohen. a rockstar already

laurel loves uncle t!

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